Active Shooter ‘SURVIVE’ w/ Tom Patire

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Monday, April 23
7pm – 9pm
Academy of Self Defense
3475 Woodward Avenue
Santa Clara, Ca 95054

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The Academy of Self Defense (ASD) in conjunction with national recognized personal safety expert, Mr. Tom Patire, will be presenting Active Shooter ‘SURVIVE’ Seminar. This seminar consists of an interactive, in-depth PowerPoint on Active Shooter Scenarios plus hands-on application on what to do if faced with this life altering situation.

This SURVIVE seminar is much different than the active shooter training that is currently going on in our country. SURVIVE will take you thru the history of Active Shooters as well as the mindset and the timeline that most of these adhere too so you can better understand the threat and how to deal with.

The main focus of his seminar is to educate and empower ASD members and their family/friends to give them the best chance of survival if put in this life or death situation. Knowing what to do and when to do it can be the key to survival as long as the information presented and the techniques taught are realistic based, proven and taught by seasoned personnel like Tom Patire and the ASD Tactical Team.

Remember Safety First Because you May Not Get A Second Chance!