Pinnacle Boxing Gloves (Black/Gold)


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The Pinnacle boxing glove is an excellent entry level boxing glove, perfect for people new to the sport or requiring gloves for fitness based training. The Pinnacle is made to the same specifications as many of Revgear’s professional line gloves including the same multi layer padding, hand cage and closure as gloves of over double the price. The palm of the glove has a venitlation strip whilst the wrist is long for excellent support. Made of full synthetic materials the Pinnacle’s boasts stylish design, excellent protection for both the wearer and training partners as well as one of the best fits you’ll find. At under half the price of professional level gloves but with many of the same features this glove has fast found itself a winner in the White Collar Boxing, Aerobic Boxing and Kick Boxing markets.


  • Excellent Fit
  • Multi Layer Foam Padding
  • Ventilation Strip on the Palm
  • High Quality Synthetic Materials
  • Made to Same Specification as Professional Level Gloves