Ronin Gear Practice Folding Knife


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Designed to make your training more effective by adding the psychological aspect of handling an assault with a realistic folding blade! Ronin Gear’s Practice Folding Knife features a drilled 3.4 inch stainless steel rounded & dulled blade. Features a one-hand thumb lug; liner lock and composite handles with textured rubber inserts. 4.75 inches closed; 8 inch open. This enhances your training by making it more ‘reality based’; something most plastic or wooden knives can’t provide. With this knife you can practice disarming techniques and create different scenarios of attack. Perfect for martial arts schools; police departments and military training. Has a sleek; attractive design with rubber inlays in the handle for better retention; and a belt clip for easy access. There are no sharp edges to cause serious injury. Don’t settle for anything less! Black. CAUTION: Always train under proper supervision. NOT designed for contact training!