Bia Focus Mitts


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The Bia (“BYE-ah”) Focus Mitts are a continuation of our signature Bia product line, named after the Greek goddess of force and strength.

We developed these focus mitts to have a more contoured fit for slender fingers and slender hands, giving the wearer a solid grip to be the best training partner they can be.

Key Features:

  • Premium high quality cow-hide leather.
  • Thick padded wrist area, with soft, brushed amara lining that moisture wicks and is kind to the skin.
  • Signature low profile velcro that won’t snag polyester fabrics or scratch.
  • Custom molded EVA foam padding
  • Inner foam half-dome allows for grip support.
  • Shattered glass design, which is Society Nine’s nod to those that broke barriers and paved the way for today’s female fighters.