Escrima Sticks


This set includes two unpeeled escrima sticks along with a black canvas carrying case. The escrima are made of durable rattan.

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Each stick is made from premium quality manau rattan, a variety that is known to be very tough and dense. Sold here as a pair.

Escrima Length 28 in.
Weapon Material Rattan

Rattan is commonly used for training long blade techniques as well as impact weapons in the Filipino and Indonesian arts. The safety advantage of rattan is that when it breaks, it frays and its fibers degrade rather than splinter and possibly cause a dangerous injury.

If you have any special requests such as thick, medium, heavy and light, please let us know in the comments box when placing your order. We’ll do our best to accommodate your specific needs.

Please Note: Since rattan sticks are a natural product, each one varies.