Fairtex SP7 Detachable Muay Thai Shin Guard (Red)


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These shin guards present a new and one-of-a-kind design that allows you to separate the shin protector from the foot protector. This feature offers a versatile option for those who want a less bulky shin protector, while also providing more protection for those who want it.

Even with the foot protectors attached, you can still enjoy a full range of motion. These won’t get in the way of your kicks.

The exterior of the SP7 shin guards is made from durable Fairtex Syntek Leather which stands well against wear and tear. The front also has reinforced padding, and behind that are double layers of high-impact foam with excellent shock absorption properties. These shin protectors are also fitted with expanded side and top protection.

These features all work to provide optimal defense for your lower legs so you can kick with confidence.

The dome-shaped design gives them stability. They won’t twist or fly off after a kick. The shin protector attaches as close as possible for a more natural feel.

A non-stich or open system and soft piping helps alleviate the pressure on your feet. Adjustable straps allow you to adapt the guards accordingly for the most comfortable fit. Because there are no metal loops, these protectors can be used in amateur competitions

  • Constructed of syntex leather
  • Detachable shin protector and foot protector to adjust to fit user the most and for various purposes of use.
  • Shin protector can be twited 90 degree from foot protector to follow your movement for maximum comfort and natural felling.
  • Good for all kind of Martial Art that attack with toe kick.
  • Soft back straps for maximum comfort (same system of straps as famous Fairtex Thai Curved Kick Pads)

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