Hayabusa Deluxe Hand Wraps (Red)


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Deluxe in every sense of the word, these 180-inch boxing hand wraps are made from premium nylon yarn, chosen for its incredibly soft texture and remarkable durability. Perfect for any workout routine or training session, the smooth fabric conforms to your hands for a comfortable, non-restrictive wrap every time. Complete with a starter thumb loop and reinforced rubberized wrist tab to guarantee a secure fit. Elevate your boxing training equipment today with these top-tier boxer wraps.

  • Deluxe performance fabric feels smooth and comfortable while offering exceptional durability
  • Premium reinforced rubberized wrist tab delivers a locked-in fit
  • Extended hook and loop panel prevents overhang and ensures secure closure
  • 180-inch length delivers optimal support for hands, wrists, & knuckles
  • Low-profile hook closure helps prevent snagging or catching on fabrics
  • Equipped with a thumb loop to help get you started

Length: 180-Inches
Width: 2-Inches
Closure: Low profile hook & loop
Starter loop: Yes
Best for: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, & more.
Materials: 100% nylon yarn
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors in a wash bag. Dryer safe.
Packaging: Includes 2 hand wraps (one for each hand).