Meister Wrap Bag


  • Machine Wash & Dry your hand wraps without tangling
  • Super Strong and Porous Mesh allows water and air flow
  • Easy Drawstring Design makes opening and closing a snap
  • Exclusive String Pouch prevents snagging in the wash
  • Wash up to 5 Pairs of hand wraps at a time
  • Unique Meister Crowned M WRAP BAG Design
  • (Wraps not included)

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Meister knows hand wraps better than anyone, so we know how important it is to take care of them. Introducing the Meister WRAP BAG, built from high quality super porous mesh to allow maximum air and water flow to your wraps. That means your wraps will actually get clean and dry so they’re ready to go when you take them out of the wash. The drawstring closure beats zippers because it allows the bag to open all the way, and it won’t come open in the wash. The exclusive String Pouch on the bag keeps the strings tucked in so there’s no snagging in the wash. The Meister WRAP BAG is designed to be easy to use and last for years and years. And, with the signature Meister design flare, the WRAP BAG is must own accessory for anyone who uses hand wraps.