RDX Boxing Gloves Aura Plus T17 (Black/Golden)

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RDX’s Aura Plus T-17 Boxing Gloves are crafted from durable Kalix Skin-Maya Hide Leather, featuring satin fabric lining for enhanced comfort and breathability. The Membrane Grid 3 (MG-3) technology mould is a combination of multiple padding layers that ensures optimal safety and protection, while the Max-Shock™ Equilibrium FOAM + Sponge X padding in the cuff disperses shocks effectively. Quick-EZ™ hook and loop closure straps offer easy wearability & adjustability. Available in various sizes for a perfect fit.

Undeniable Durability

RDX Aura Plus boxing gloves are built to withstand the toughest workouts and sparring sessions with Kalix Skin-Maya Hide™ Leather. This premium material not only ensures exceptional durability but also maintains its shape, delivering consistent performance. Promising exceptional durability, they are an ideal choice for fighters who demand gear that lasts.

Satin Fabric Lining for Enhanced Comfort and Breathability

Tired of the harsh and rugged inners that hurt your hands in boxing gloves? We have the right solution for you. Experience a new level of comfort with RDX gloves featuring satin fabric lining. This ritzy lining not only feels awesome against your skin but also enhances breathability during intense training sessions. Stay eased and focused, and perform at your best with gloves that are designed for ultimate comfort.

Protecting Every Punch with Advanced MG-3 Mould

Our boxing gloves for sparring come with the advanced Membrane Grid 3 (MG-3) mould, offering multiple layers of padding for unparalleled safety and protection. This innovative design provides exceptional impact resistance and force distribution, reducing the risk of hand injuriesduring heavy-hitting workouts. With MG-3 fortification, you can train with confidence, knowing your hands and your competitors are out of harm’s way.

Shock Absorption Perfected All the Way

No more jarring impact of punches with our boxing gloves for heavy bag offering premium wrist protection with Max-Shock™ Equilibrium FOAM + Sponge X padding in the cuff. This cutting-edge technology disperses shock effectively, minimising stress on your wrists. You don’t tire quickly and get to give your best consistently. Enjoy a comfortable and secure fit that ensures your hands are protected throughout every training session.

Easy on, Easy Off

Putting on and securing your padded boxing gloves time and again can get on your nerves if you don’t have the right closure. Our Quick-EZTM hook and loop closure straps offer hassle-free wearability and adjustability. Get a snug, custom fit in seconds, allowing you to focus on your training without interruptions.

Multiple Sizes for a Perfect Fit

Achieve the ideal fit with RDX foam padding boxing gloves, available in 10OZ, 12OZ, 14OZ, and 16OZ sizes. Whether you’re a featherweight or a heavyweight, these gloves cater to your unique needs. Finding the perfect size ensures optimal performance, comfort, and protection. Step into the ring with gloves that fit like a second skin and elevate your boxing game.

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