RDX F6 KARA Focus Pads (Red)


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Are you looking for high-quality focus pads to help improve your boxing or MMA training? Look no further than the RDX F6 KARA Focus Pads. Pads are designed with maximum performance and protection in mind. These pads provide professional quality for amateur and seasoned alike. The ergonomically designed quick-EZ-Hook and loop handles on focus mitts ensure a comfortable fit, while the responsive core allows you to hone and finetune your partner’s punching techniques. In addition, the polygonal fusion mold dissipates the force for improved safety during sparring sessions for both yourself and your partner.

  • Maya hide L’orme skin ™ , allows pads to retain shape and prevent wear and tear
  • Polygonal Fusion Foam’s shock absorption reduces hand fatigue
  • EZ Grip technology ensures a non-slip grip to build power
  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop, provides a secure fit and optimal wrist alignment
  • Palm Dome ball/Grip Ball and a padded wedge to keep a firm grasp as you take the punches
  • Anti-shock foam technology to keep up the spar for longer durations
  • SpongeX Padding provides added resistance when met with high-intensity forces
  • Available in curved design