Revgear Premier Headgear with Face Cage

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  • Fully removable plastic face shield
  • 8 different points of adjustment ensure great fit
  • High quality vinyl construction
  • Dual layer padding designed to increase protection on impact
  • All black design with one white Premier logo

As you’ll see in the pictures, this Premier Headgear With Face Shield offers maximum protection. The durable plastic face shield is secured in place at six different adjustable points and is fully removable. The plastic face shield, all-black appearance, and sturdy foam padding that encase the head make this headgear perfect for training in Krav Maga, self-defense, heavy sparring, and law enforcement techniques. There’s another adjustable strap at the back of the head and an adjustable tie on the crown. This fit is very secure and accommodates hours of training with minimum slippage. Open air ear holes have an extra layer of rounded foam padding for even more protection of this crucial area. Some headgear will skimp on the padding in favor of maneuverability, but this one from the Premier line offers both. With support pads along the back of the head and the crown, the Premier Headgear With Face Shield is great for anyone looking to train at a high level and most importantly– safely.